Warning: it is very possible that this page will contain no earth-shaking information whatsoever. If you want earth-shaking, try california or something.

Got here through reddit, so I guess reddit is useful for something after all.

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A little home on world of text, at coordinates -55/43

For a daily dose of your horoscope of the day, click, hrm, the horoscope link.

Important todos that are not actually done otherwise they wouldn't be in a todo list, now would they? Sheesh, some people...

Taglines are a very important piece of history, and they look good on sigs too!

Novell innovated last year with something called the Hack Week, and I can't wait for this year's edition :D

Unity also has a Hack Week. I did a shader graph. :D

List of important, must visit under pain of death, sites:

Important definition, for those that are wondering: What is a ufie?

changed October 1, 2013