Hack Week

The Hack Week is an innovative concept started at Novell last year (2007) that took the whole place by storm... damn, that was fun!

The idea is to gather up, hrm, ideas, and everyone in Engineering spends a week hacking on something not related to their work. The ideas are gathered up in the Idea Pool, and people can sign up on teams and have fun for a whole week! And there's prizes, too! :D

Last year I wanted to work on the Multitouch Display idea, because it's so completely awesome, but things didn't pan out and I ended up doing a sv2xaml converter in xslt for the Moonlight Desklet idea. Just because we really needed one, and I thought I could do it in a couple of days then go on to have a bit of fun doing a desklet... Of course, the converter took so long I ended up not being able to do the desklet, but it was fun anyway :)

This year I've got some ideas... and hack week is just around the corner!

changed February 6, 2008