The mother of all questions, the one that keeps you awake at night staring at the ceiling, the one that keeps nagging you at the back of your head, the one that everyone keeps asking about, is:

What is a ufie?!?

Rate your UFieness Quiz - by Veljko Petrovic

Questions,answer with yes/no:

1) Ever made a deletium container?

2) Ever played Zork just to see what happens when you type "Kiss grue"

3) Have you searched the man pages to see from where does:"The backreference \n,where n is a single digit, matches the substring..." come?

4) Ever hum "Every game of Quake"/"NT's not up snuff"/"Tech support lament"/"Refund this"...?

  • 4.1) Sing them quietly?
  • 4.2) Sing them loudly?
  • 4.3) Sing them so loud your whole neiborhood hears?
  • 4.4) Sing them so loudly and so often that your whole neiborhood knows them by heart?

5) Do you have more than 4 UF comics printed out and hanging on your wall?

  • 5.1) More than 8?
  • 5.2) More than 16?
  • 5.3) More than 32?
  • 5.4) More than 64?
  • 5.5) ALL of the comics?

6) Do your household possesions include a...

  • 6.1) UF mug?
  • 6.2) Dust Puppy T-shirt?
  • 6.3) Dust Puppy stuffed doll?

7) Ever spoke in fake slavic?

  • 7.1) More than an hour?

8) Ever tried Pitr-invented super triple expresso?

  • 8.1) Lived to tell about it?

9) Have you ever met Illiad?

  • 9.1) Talked to Illiad?
  • 9.2) Dated Illiad?

10) Ever said to someone:"The dark side she is seductive,da?"

  • 10.1) How about:"I am the root. Fear me."?

11) Ever told someone a UF comic like a joke?

  • 11.1) Did they get it?

12) When somebody says Bill Gates,is the first thing that pops in your mind "The Antichrist"?

13) Do you have a snurf gun?

  • 13.1) Snurf rifle?
  • 13.2) Snurf bazooka?
  • 13.3) Snurf cannon?

14) Do you sometimes call your computer Erwin?

15) Ever tried to insult someone with: "You....You...You Crud Puppy!"?

16) Have you ever made a Quad christmas tree ornament?

17) Got more than 16 geek points?

  • 17.1) More than 32?
  • 17.2) More than 64?
  • 17.3) More than 128?
  • 17.4) More than 256?
  • 17.5) More than 512?

18) Use the exclamation YE Gods! in regular speak?

19) Got "Evil geniuses in a nutshell"?

20) Do you before some risky endeavour whisper "Oh Great Modem in the Sky"?

21) Do you shudder at the name of "Windows"?

22) Ever hook someone on UF?

Ratings, add a point for every yes.

50-53: You are Illiad.

40-50: Thou art a true UF Geek. Thou art a true worshiper of the great modem in the sky

20-40: Yep. You are a UFie alright.

10-20: You aren't a UFie yet, but watch it...

1-10: You are a Stef-type person...Try reading all of the comics again

1 and less: You are the Crud Puppy


User Friendly and its characters and plotlines are copyrighted(c) by Illiad. This text is copyrighted(c) by Veljko Petrovic. Violate any of these copyrights and I (well, he) will send Chupacabra after you.

changed September 16, 2007